Monday, September 3, 2012


     Recently I had the amazing opportunity to attend D23's Destination D event celebrating 75 years of Disney Animation. It was the most amazing thing in the world and I have plenty to talk about. I have seen Paperman in it's entirety, and I have seen LOADS of Frozen art work, character models, story details and even heard a song from the film. Let me just say one thing, you should be extremely excited for this film. Now I'm not going to spoil everything I saw and heard there, but I will shed some light on some questions.
     The actually Snow Queen, Anna's sister, is NOT your typical, evil villain. Anna and her sister Elsa get along just fine, however Elsa has kept a secret her entire life, she has the power to control ice. She doesn't want people knowing this because there is a prophecy about a queen with a "heart of ice" who is going to destroy the kingdom. However when Anna messes up big time when Elsa is supposed to be becoming queen, Elsa unleashes her powers. Elsa runs away to the top of the mountain because everyone was so shocked at her powers. Elsa then curses the kingdom and puts it in everlasting snow.
Idina Mezel and Kristen Bell
     The song was absolutely amazing and I wish I could listen to it over and over again. The artwork is beautiful and the character designs all look fantastic. The song, entitled "Let It Go", really shows how Elsa just wants to get away from prophecies and people judging her and finally be free, so she wants to just let her old life go. Elsa is a wicked witch, she isn't a jealous sister, she is simply a girl who has feared she will be evil her entire life and now just wants to live on her own to avoid becoming the villain. This creates such a bigger dynamic than your typical villain and will make for a much more interesting plot.
     For those of you wanting some more traditional evil, fear not. Elsa creates snowmen monsters to guard her castle of ice atop the mountain. However these hideous beasts get out of control and are going to attack the kingdom. Worried about the design of these snowmen monsters? Fear not, they are absolutely fantastic. The entire audience gasped when the art work of the snowmen came up on stage. Huge snow beasts with spikes coming out of there bodies, all snarling with vicious growls.
     Overall Kristoff and Elsa have the best character design. Kristoff isn't your typical mountain man, he's blond, attractive, and muscular. Elsa has beautiful long, blue hair and is very stunning. Anna and Olaf look great as well, with Anna having red hair and freckles and Olaf being a goofy snow man with a bent carrot nose. This seems like it will have a great cast of characters, beautiful visuals, fantastic songs, and an amazing story that will be an emotional sister story.
     I will write another post about Paperman but for now let me just say this, best short film ever. The emotion, music, and art style are the best I have seen from any short and parallel that of full length films. Oh and uh, Big Hero 6? I wouldn't count on that coming from Walt Disney Animation Studios... "Let It Go."


  1. Oh, my, Gosh! I just know Frozen is going to be sooo amazing, despite what everyone is saying about how they think it's going to exactly like Tangled. The story line sounds incredible, and the characters even more so. I'm going to get tickets for the opening weekend as soon as they are available!

    1. I am extremely excited for this film as well!! It looks amazing and I think it will be very different than Tangled. I can't wait!